*The RCSD partnerships across the province are being eliminated by the provincial government as of September 1, 2020.  As a result, the information on this page will no longer be valid.  The website is being maintained for one year to allow partners to continue to access the resources*

Family School Wellness Referrals

The name of this role varies from school division to school division.  Two common names for this role in schools are:

Family School Wellness or School Community Liaison

Each school jurisdiction also has its own referral process.  Parents/guardians are requested to contact the school division for more information.

Please Note:
Services may vary according to staffing structure in a school or community.

*This website is a record of a constantly evolving partnership. It is as accurate as possible at any given time and will be regularly updated to reflect changing processes and information.  However, be advised that there may possibly be a lag updating the website with the most current information and processes.