*The RCSD partnerships across the province are being eliminated by the provincial government as of September 1, 2020.  As a result, the information on this page will no longer be valid.  The website is being maintained for one year to allow partners to continue to access the resources*

Main Benefits of the Partnership 

The CA RCSD partnership strives to:

  • improve integration and coordination of services
  • reduce duplication within the region,
  • improve relationships among partners,
  • share responsibility for supports for children and youth,
  • increase equity of supports,
  • identify regional needs and address regional gaps

Research shows that a more inclusive style of support is the way to go!

There is a direct correlation between academic success and the amount of time children spend in the classroom (Causton Theoharis, J. & Theoharis, G., 2008). Research literature indicates that supporting children in their natural environments such as home and the classroom is the most effective way for children to learn (Stewart, K.B., 2006).

Studies have long shown that increasing the frequency of intervention is the most effective way to make change (Barratt, J., Littlejohns, P. and Thompson, J.,1992; Montgomery, J., 2010). If we embed the learning of new skills into everyday tasks which are supported and reinforced by others, that frequency of practice is increased.

“We need partnerships because most of the problems we will face in the 21st century will require multisectoral, multidisciplinary, and multi-component efforts” (Richardson and Allegrante, 2000 p. 375).

“There is real strength in numbers. When you have many groups with different views, resources, and skills applying their intelligence and strength to solve a problem together, the results can be like the work of superheroes.”  (Community Tool Box,Chapter 24, Section 3)Community Tool Box

*This website is a record of a constantly evolving partnership. It is as accurate as possible at any given time and will be regularly updated to reflect changing processes and information.  However, be advised that there may possibly be a lag updating the website with the most current information and processes.