CA RCSD Partnership Framework

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CA RCSD Partnership Framework


“Central Alberta Regional Collaborative Service Delivery” is a cross-ministry regional partnership; the four ministries are listed on the left of the model. It is an approach to providing support for children, youth and families through collaboration and shared responsibility (listed on the right of the model); the CA RCSD mission is on the bottom.  The services are delivered by the partners.

The CA RCSD model begins with the “Child, Youth and Family” in the middle; the focus of service delivery, collaboration and shared responsibility is improved support for children, youth and their families. The two larger circles represent different types of support that are included in the partnership many of which are funded in whole or in part by CA RCSD. The purple triangle represents the pyramid of support (Education) and the “Rehabilitation Conceptual Framework” (Health) which both depict an integrated continuum of supports and services. The location of the supports included within the 2 circles is not indicative of where these supports might fall in the pyramid.

Within the graphic, services are focused on key supports, rather than specific disciplines. To illustrate, support for language development may be provided by the parent, school staff and a speech and language professional or paraprofessional depending on the needs of the child.

Please Note:

Services may vary according to staffing structure in a school or community.