Toolboxes for Schools

Information about hearing loss:

Mild Hearing Loss-Information and Strategies

What you need to know about hearing loss in the classroom

Simulation of listening without vs. with a personal FM/DM system

Technology Instructional Videos:

Roger Touchscreen DM Transmitter

Roger Inspiro DM Transmitter

Roger Easy Pen DM Transmitter

Connecting a Roger Pen/Easy Pen to an aux audio device (e.g. iPad)

Roger Select DM Transmitter

Using the Roger Educational Network (Touchscreen, PassMic, AudioHub, DigiMaster Tower)

Oticon Connect Clip

Oticon Amigo

How Bone Conduction Hearing Aids Work

Parts of a Cochlear Implant

How to perform a daily listening test-Ling 6 sound test

How to Troubleshoot a hearing aid

How to Troubleshoot a hearing aid 2

Teaching Tips:

The need for closed captions for Deaf & hard of hearing students

Acoustic Highlighting Tutorial

Preferential/Strategic Seating Tutorial for Deaf & hard of hearing students


Critical Information about hearing loss

The impact of borderline, slight & mild hearing loss

The impact of not wearing hearing aids when needed

The importance of self-determination and hearing loss

Math of Hearing Aids

Unilateral Hearing Loss in the Classroom

Sending your child who is deaf and hard of hearing to school

Attitude is Caught, Not Taught

Creating an Accessible Classroom Environment

Hearing Aid Tracking Form

Tracking Form for FM and DM systems

Roger Inspiro Instructional Handout

Roger Easy Pen Instructional Handout

Roger Touch-screen Instructional Handout

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