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Central Alberta Regional Collaborative Service Delivery (CA RCSD)

The Central Alberta Regional Collaborative Service Delivery (CA RCSD) is an approach to providing services for children and youth in the central Alberta region. It is a regional partnership among school authorities, Alberta Health Services, Human Services, and other community stakeholders. The services are delivered by the partners.

Please Note:
Services may vary according to staffing structure in a school or community.

The purpose of the website is to provide an understanding of the Central Alberta Regional Collaborative Service Delivery (CA RCSD). It is intended for CA RCSD partners.

The heart of this service model is collaboration, relationship and capacity building, and communication among therapists, school personnel and families. The expertise of teachers and the expertise of health professionals are brought together in order to enhance student learning, while respecting the decision making role of the family. Decision making around service options, duration, mode and content is a team effort. A variety of service options is available, and services will be considered based on need.


“Collaboration is a process in which people commit to working together to set common priorities and to meet shared goals related to achieving success for children, youth and their families. It allows for the blending of perspectives, expertise, resources and shared accountability and responsibility.”  

Collaborative Conversation Guide

Capacity Buiding

“We can build lateral capacity in each other by working together with peers and professionals to learn from and share resources, ideas, and knowledge. Developing lateral capacity is a powerful strategy for improvement. We learn best from our peers and colleagues when we are in an environment where there is an ongoing, purposeful exchange between teachers and therapists.”

Kathy Murch, Wild Rose School Division

*This website is a record of a constantly evolving partnership. It is as accurate as possible at any given time and will be regularly updated to reflect changing processes and information.  However, be advised that there may possibly be a lag updating the website with the most current information and processes.